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Weight Loss Diets

Easily the most popular method of losing weight for most people is through dieting and there are many well devised weight loss diets that can help in this pursuit enormously. In this article, we give you a brief overview of what you can get from dieting and the diets that are available in their many

Natural Acid Reflux Nutritional Diet

In this special report, I outline the nutritional diet that you need to follow if you want to get rid of acid reflux or heartburn. You get all of the information on what foods feed your acid reflux and what foods help you stabilize your stomach and help you stop your acid reflux. Don’t Suffer

Do You Cover Your Head With a Cap so No One Will See Your Hair Loss

Now I am not going to tell you that I discovered the secret to growing hair with some special mixture or pill. I don’t think anyone has done that yet and that maybe a long ways off. But what I am going to tell and show you is a way that I have been using

How I Stay Fit: Author of The Skinny

Louis J. Aronne literally wrote the book on losing weight, so you would think that staying fit would come naturally to him. Think again! The author of The Skinny: On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry says that keeping within a healthy body weight has been a life long process for him. Q: As the author

Is White Tea Better Than Green Tea?

A question for your consideration: Are there different health benefits of drinking white tea versus drinking green tea? Great question. Yes, there are differences between white tea and green tea. There are differences between all varieties of tea, and this seems like a good opportunity to talk about the differences in teas and their health

How Potent Are Your Antioxidants?

You’ve probably seen the claims on health food advertisements – “raw chocolate is 21 times more powerful an antioxidant than green tea”, “black raspberries are a better antioxidant than blueberries” or “noni fruit is an antioxidant powerhouse”. But just how are they measuring these food’s antioxidant levels? The most popular means of determining the antioxidant

The Day in a Word: Brooding

Weight: 205 lb Ailments of the Day: Fear And we’re off.  Today officially marked the end of my transition into the juice fast.  I took the first few days of the week to ween myself off of processed carbs, meat, caffeine, and all the other things that usually keep my days going.  For breakfast over these past few

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop, Worms?

There are a few speculations about this. They like the taste of it, like the smell of it, they are just disgusting critters, boredom, or  it’s because they are lacking something in their diet. It is believed that dogs may eat their poo to try to stop predictors tracing them back to their inhabitants. Something

Vitamin C Good For Colds and Gout

Natural News is reporting on a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine that has found vitamin C may reduce the risk of gout in men. The study by researchers out of the Boston University School of Medicine looked at 47,000 male health care professionals over a 20-year period. Researchers found that men who took

Have You Read Your Applescope?

Apples are so delicious, but there are so many varieties that I get confused trying to figure out which one I should be eating. I wish there were some way to know the type of apple I should be eating based on the esoteric details of my personality type. At last – my prayers have