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Ask a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor: What Can I Do For Eczema?

In Second Spring, Dr. Maoshing Ni (or Dr. Mao) reveals hundreds of natural secrets to revitalize and regenerate at any age. He also discusses some natural treatments for those pesky skin ailments like eczema. Find out what he suggests Q: In your book, you prescribe sun therapy to treat skin conditions like eczema. Can you

Are Fad Diets Making Us Fat?

Most people would do almost anything to get slim — including major cleanses such as the “lemonade diet” or bizarre and unhealthy weight-loss plans like the cookie diet — but British health experts are warning that these fad diets won’t help us reach our weight-loss goals, and in fact, are probably making us fatter. Researchers

A Healthy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Who doesn’t love the comfort and warmth of home-baked cookies? This was probably one of the very first recipes I ever made many years ago — chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. However, I’ve changed it up a bit and made it kinder to the waistline, as well as your blood sugar. I have this old cook

5 Reasons Strength Training is Good For You

People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from resistance training. Strength training is placing a demand on our muscles to perform physical work that is greater than our everyday tasks. Here are my top 5 reasons to add strength training to your exercise regime. 1. Improved metabolism: Metabolism is the rate at which

Where To Go For CPR Training?

Where should you sit your CPR training? The answer to this question depends on why you want to learn cardiac pulmonary resuscitation. If you need certification for a job then you should look to take the classes offered by either the Red Cross or the American Heart Association. Both will require you to attend a

Want Better Health, Limit Your Carbohydrate Intake

Everybody wants better health and to feel better but most people don’t know how to get it. The fact is, if you want to be healthier the first thing you need to look at is what you are eating. If you are putting poison in your system then you can’t expect to feel very good,

Maintain a Good Quality Diet with Medifast

Dieting is something that a lot of us want to do but just do not have enough willpower to do so. There are people who are desperate to go on a diet but it is just impossible for them to stop eating and say no to food. One of the best solutions to lose weight

Getting Rid of that Double Chin – Ways to Do It

Has anybody ever called you chubby cheeks or round face? If so, then you for sure may have felt hurt by such monikers; hence, it maybe high time for you to consider a transformation. But then again, how do you go about eliminating that horrible double chin? Well, here are some suggestions… Exercise the Muscles

A Little Bit About Corrective Tattoos

There are a wide range of corrective tattooing methods available to the public. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most popular. Concealing Body Art /Laser Tattoo Removal Discolorations Artistic body tattoos, which may have been lightened by laser treatments {or by less professional means}, and may have left the skin white in

Weight Loss Diets

Easily the most popular method of losing weight for most people is through dieting and there are many well devised weight loss diets that can help in this pursuit enormously. In this article, we give you a brief overview of what you can get from dieting and the diets that are available in their many