Angelina Jolie’s magic number is 28

We’ve always hated on Hollywood’s tendency to tell women that they have to be X pounds in order to get parts, but now here’s a different spin. It seems that Angelina Jolie is being considered for the love interest in The Thomas Crown Affair 2: Electric Boogaloo, but producers don’t want a repeat performance of Wanted, where Ms. Jolie was apparently fainting on set and had to have all of her costumes taken in. Rumor has it that she’s been explicitly told to gain weight. How much weight? 28 pounds, or approximately 33 percent more body weight than she is currently.

I’m not going to make the smug ladies who lunch (or Rian) observation that girlfriend could use some cheeseburgers anyway (as Jane Seymour and TMZ and every other blog under the sun already has). Instead, I have only to bemoan the fact that stars have become such a commodity that it doesn’t even matter what they bring to the table anymore. If Angelina Jolie is currently not physically able to withstand the demands of an action movie, then why the heck is she getting the job? Aren’t there actors in Hollywood who could kick ass and take names just as handily as Ms. Jolie? Who would believably be able to chew on the lips of one Mister Pierce Brosnan without making us roll our eyes because everyone knows that a 10 like Pierce Brosnan would never end up with a 7 like Angelina (or vice versa, depending on your point of view). And I’m going to completely disregard the fact that Pierce Brosnan is old enough to be Angelina Jolie’s freaking father. Is Rene Russo now considered way over the hill by Hollywood? Wow, tuna salad has a longer shelf life than your average female actor in Hollywood.

And also, I’m stymied by the whole concept of 28 pounds. Why 28? Why not, say, 27? Or 29? It reminds me of those guys who say that they’d like a woman who is up to 5’11” tall and can be no more than 130 pounds. Wow, at a BMI of 18.1, that girl would be considered underweight. Is that really what they want? And what if the girl of your dreams had the audacity to weigh 150 pounds?

Granted, if the actor actually wants the part and tries to shape themselves into it, (a la Bridget Jones) that’s one thing, but let’s consider the idea of a studio approaching an actor and making these stipulations. What do you guys think? What do you guys think? Does Hollywood have the right to make demands on actors for their weight?

Lipodrene with Ephedra is on the Cutting Edge of Fat Loss!

Right now, more Americans are fighting obesity than ever before in history. With technology growing and automation carrying out so many of our duties, the U.S. is becoming more and more of a fat nation. Lipodrene with Ephedra is the best eca stack and an answer to that problem. With fat burning qualities and the suppression of our appetites, this supplement can go hand in hand with proper diet and nutrition to help the U.S. lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, then most people will tell you that you have to eat well and get regular exercise. That is good, sound advice. It is also a way that takes a lot of hard work and time before you see any results. Many people prefer lipodrene and fitness instructors worldwide recommend this ephedra diet product to it’s clients to lose a lot more weight. Sometimes it feels like it would work much more effectively if there were something available to help the body burn fat – even when you are not exercising. That something comes in the form of this combination.

There are so many people that need a little help to boost their metabolism while working so hard to see some results quickly. The more results that a person sees as they work out, the harder they will work to continue the benefit from the exercise, proper nutrition and a lipodrene supplement that offers to speed up the fat loss process. This boost not only will help to fat burn faster but also helps to suppress the appetite as well.

You can’t escape the temptation of food. You cannot stay away from it, but a supplement that can help you avoid the craving of foods will in turn help keep the fat off of your body. Lipodrene has been proven to be effective in keeping the taboo items off the minds and stomachs of those trying to diet by slowing the absorption of serotonin. It not only fools the mind, it inhibits the absorption of dietary fats. This supplement with Ephedra is made up mostly of natural herbs that promote appetite suppression and fat burning in the body.

If you are concerned with weight loss and thinking about how to achieve results safely and healthily, then follow a proper diet and exercise program. Then you can add the supplement with Ephedra to enhance your hard work and gain amazing results much more quickly. Ephedra has not had the best reputation in the past, but after four years of testing, the mixture has been proven to be safe and helpful to those wishing to lose weight fast.

Strategies For Increasing Your Vertical Jump and Jumping Higher

Tips, Strategies and Resources For Increasing Your Vertical Jump and Jumping Higher!

Dear athletes and anyone wanting to jump higher,

My name is Ryan Ben.  A 6’2″ guy in my 30′s who couldn’t dunk a basketball up until a few years ago.  After adding 6 inches to my vertical leap in the first 4 weeks of my training, I was hooked on my new jumping ability.  Since adding the first six inches, I’ve added another 7 inches to my vertical through solid training techniques.   I’m no Michael Jordan, but I can now easily dunk a basketball over the high school kids at the local park!

I know first hand how frustrating it can be to try to add inches to your vertical – especially if you don’t know where to begin.  Over the years, I’ve tried many products and programs the claimed they would help me jump higher – jump shoes, jumping exercises, various training programs, performance enhancing drugs (just kidding), etc.  I had the motivation and commitment to train, but didn’t get the results I was looking for.

Then I came across Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual.  It is truly the only program I can recommend with no hesitation.  The Jump Manual gave me the results I was looking for and I’m confident it will do the same for you.

Written by a professional trainer and jumping coach to many professional athletes, The Jump Manual, is an amazing report that explains in plain English everything you need to know about jumping higher.  Nothing is left out.  You will literally be guided step-by-step to successfully increasing your vertical by at least 10 inches, or your money back!

You can get instant access to The Jump Manual right now.  Click here to find reviews for The Jump Manual.

THE JUMP MANUAL: The only program that targets every facet of vertical explosion. Effectively training every aspect of vertical jump is the only way to maximize your vertical jump explosion. Read more here and learn about this strategy.

Review Annie’s Snacks

I’ve been talking lately about making snacks for my boys because I don’t want them to eat processed foods.  After two weeks and for many reasons, I resign.  I only resign to making the snacks myself though.

I can’t keep baking snacks because it is hard for me to resist them and some of them just don’t appeal to my picky three year old.  He didn’t like the sweet spinach cupcakes, a batch of whole wheat graham crackers, breakfast muffins with a preserve filling, black bean brownies, and whole wheat cheese crackers to mention a few.  My time (not to mention the wasted food) could be better served so I resign to finding healthy alternatives. I think my body will thank me later too.

I still don’t want them to eat unhealthy highly processed foods so I’ve been searching for acceptable snacks that don’t have hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or other unnecessary additives, preservatives, etc.  Enter Annie’s.

Have you tried Annie’s products?  When I was pregnant with my first son I would eat Annie’s macaroni and cheese.  I craved macaroni and cheese but didn’t have the energy to make it from scratch.  I just loved the flavor but I never really tried any other products since then.

Today I was browsing at Target when I saw the Annie’s products.  After careful examination of the ingredients list, all of the ingredients were recognizable containing no hydrogenated oils or sugars so I bought my sons the White Cheddar Bunnies.  I made them a trail mix with some chopped walnuts, golden raisins, pretzels, and bunnies which they loved.

From Annie’s website: We say “yes” to ingredients that come straight from nature, and “no” to icky additives, pesticides and artificial colors. Annie’s products are delicious organic and natural alternatives to traditional convenience foods, snacks, cereal and more.

Rich, healthy soil that hasn’t been treated with chemical pesticides or fertilizers is where all organic ingredients begin. We believe the best tasting food comes from the simplest ingredients, and strongly support organic and sustainable farming because it is better for consumers, farmers, and the environment.

Annie’s thinks consumers should have the choice of knowing what’s in their food, and believes GMO ingredients should be labeled as such, so consumers can make a fully informed choice. Annie’s uses only non-GMO ingredients.

After looking at the website and ingredient list of products my sons would enjoy, I definitely feel comfortable buying Annie’s products.

Do you have healthy snack foods for your kids to recommend?

Note: I was not compensated for this post at all.

What is the History of Yoga

Where did Yoga come from? What are all those strange words and the chanting? Let’s look into the history of Yoga and why people practice it.

The history of Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuga’ which means ‘to join’.

Yoga is an ancient philosophy that came from India that promotes personal health, growth and wellness. It doesn’t conflict with any religion but has impact on our spiritual path.

Even though no one is sure who invented yoga most modern forms are traced back to the yoga Sutras. Patanjal, an ancient philosopher wrote them around 500 BC. Again no one is sure of the exact date they were written, however we do know are that it became a tradition and was practiced regularly around soon there after and the Sutras written by Patanjal became the basis for the practice of yoga. The practices and philosophies are just as valid and popular today as they were then.

Yoga has become popular with many western medical practitioners and therapists as a treatment for a large variety of physical and emotional illnesses.

The practice of yoga is not a form of religion or a cult, nor do you need to be a contortionist, or stare at a candle and breath incense, and it’s not just for young people who are thin and supple.

What yoga is then? Yoga is more than an exercise, it’s a way of life that aims for the union of the body, mind and spirit through exercises and postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.

The practice of yoga promote greater flexibility and strength, creates greater mental clarity and focus as well as allowing for emotional balance in your body.

Yoga does involve concentration, focused breathing, and discipline. A greater union of mind, body, and spirit is the result of practicing yoga and anyone regardless of age, experience, body type, or physical abilities can practice yoga.

While it does help to have a little knowledge, you don’t need to know all the words or understand their meanings in order to receive the benefits that yoga provides.

Yoga can give you the sense of satisfaction that only meditation and physical exercise combined can give you. The beauty of that is it can be carried out all in one exercise program!

The more dedicated you are, the more you will get out of yoga. It offers a chance to have true union between your mind, body and spirit. Yoga is right in the middle between physical exercise and meditation.

In physical sense, the body is physically taxed and, of course, you sweat. It doesn’t take much thinking to go through an exercise routine.

Meditation on the other hand, the body does nothing; it is all with calming your mind, eliminating your stress and reaching in for your inner spirit.

Yoga’s increasing popularity is because it ties the two, physical and mental, together into a comfortable package.

Nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there

The first time I saw the trailer for the video game
I couldn’t wait to play it!

It just looked that amazing.

And it was so worth the wait, the story line is solid there are all kinds of shout outs to other favorite Zombie games and the controls are easy to use.

This is what “Dead Rising 2″ should have been.

Don’t get me wrong I loved allot of the things about Dead Rising 2 like the story line, the setting, the graphics and most of the game play. But the one thing that killed it hard for me and turned it into a trade in credit was the Level Bosses or as my friend John calls them “Nintendo Bosses”.
They earn that name when they are beyond hard to kill and when they get a hit on you half of your Health Meter Bar is gone. Besides that The Level Bosses in Dead Rising 2 have their Health Meter Bar fills back up as your trying to find Power Up’s for your own.

Then it had button combos like Resident Evil 4, but they were cumbersome and annoying. I guess the game builders for Dead Rising 2 were trying to make it more challenging, but only made it frustrating.

Okay so back to Dead Island, as I was saying before I love playing this game. The first time was a run through just to get the game play down and see how the story was.

The story is pretty cool you wake up in your hotel room
just to find out the entire tropical island resort your staying in is infested with zombies. But you have an immunity to the virus which protects you from bites, but if you’re overrun they’ll just tear you apart.
There are other survivors on the island and some are in hiding that can offer you advice to help you survive and hopefully escape the island. And if I’m right I think our friends at the Umbrella Corporation had a little something to do with it.

Out of the four playable characters I picked the ex football player with the mohawk. Those poor zombies didn’t know what hit them.

The second time I played it was to go through all of the side missions.

If you do it this way you spend more time supplying and saving survivors as well as taking out looters.

The biggest satisfaction that I got from the game is it has become a favorite interactive movie like “GTA 4″ and it’s double disk tie in games “Liberty City Lost and The Damned” and “The Ballad of Gay Tony” and “Batman Arkham Asylum”.

And the stress relief just can’t be beat. Not only do you get to run around different settings on the the island cracking zombie skulls with various hand weapons.

You also get to drive pick up trucks and knock them down like bowling pins. And if they decide to get up you can back up over them and hit em’ again.

It also has network multi play. I’m not a big fan of it, so I can’t tell you how that is. But I can say that going by the game it’s gotta be good.

The other thing is there was one level where you had to fight a Level Boss, a Sub Boss and five hard kill characters. This was really frustrating and almost got the game shelved. So before I did that I got on Youtube to see if there was something I missed. And I found out I wasn’t the only one having a hard time with the level. Man I never saw so much hate for a game level ever. And this was coming from hard core gamers that probably tore through games that I wouldn’t even attempt to play.
But Techland (The people that made the game) saw the complaints and sent out a reprogramming patch to fix that level! I downloaded it and it took care of everything, the next thing I knew I was back in business and was able to not only finish but really enjoy the game.

Paranormal Activity 3 — “Through the eyes of a Luna(tic)”

Welcome to Through The Eyes Of A Luna(tic), my new feature on D’Ment’D Cinema! My name is Luna Layne and I’ve been a fan of horror & Sci-fi movies, comics and heavy metal music since I was under 10 years old! I’m only 21 now so it might not seem all too long to you but my obsession with these things has had me watching movies, reading comics and head bangin’ for hours a day every day for the entire 10 years!!!

My first review will be for Paranormal Activity 3 which is a sequel (duh!!) to 2010s Paranormal Activity 2 which was a sequel to 2007s Paranormal Activity!!! It’s a vicious circle!

The first 2 movies themselves are a vicious cycle rehashing the same scares and the same paranormal entity that’s just out of the range of the camera and the eye of the audience! Paranormal Activity 3 breaks the chains that bound the first two movies and has something new and sorta unique to say!!

Even though part 2 was written and directed by a totally different group of people it never separated itself from the first one! It looked the same! It felt the same! It had the same jump scares! It was practically a remake of the first movie! Part 3 was also written and directed by a new team—2 of the 3 brains behind the documentary Catfish from last year—and these guys decided to make an all new movie! And it’s good! Not great but good!

PA 3 takes us back to the time when Katie & Kristi, the stars are PA 1 and PA 2, were little girls! Like any little girls they were inquisitive and wanted to experiment with the world around them! Katie decided that a game of Bloody Mary would be fun! What little girl didn’t do that at some time? I did! I still do when I have my grrlfriends over and we have a little to drink! It’s a fun game and nothing ever happens except when I jump as we turn the lights on which always makes my bestie Dana scream bloody murder! It’s good clean wholesome fun! For moi yes but not for Katie & Kristi!!

Since the 80s were full ‘o’ great haunting and demon movies it’s the perfect time for PA 3 to take place! They don’t have the same modern technology to work with which allowed for a lot of new ways of creating scares! A camera on a fan helped to up the scare game and give a few new camera angles that weren’t there in the first 2 movies!

The likableness of the characters in this one surprised me! I hated all the characters in the first 2 and didn’t care if some unseen force or spirit split them in two but this time I did care about the grrls and their parents Dennis & Julie and friend Randy! I guess the writing in PA 3 is so much better than it was in PA 1 and PA 2 combined that it made me a fan!

Even though I did like it I have to admit that it’s not a great movie and to be honest if you have time to waste and some moolah to spend there are alot of other better movies out there for you to invest time and money in! If you have the time to waste and have a buttload of quarters in an oversized beer bottle that’s been turned into a bank I say bust that baby open, grab ‘dem quarters and go see Paranormal Activity 3!! If you don’t have a car and the bus isn’t running into that scary part of town where the theater is then why not thumb it? You know you want to see a movie, you have the loose change so why not? Who ever had a bad experience with hitchhiking? That friendly stranger in the black sedan may look like he’s shady but as long as you don’t see Chris Hansen anywhere near by I say go for it! What’s the worst that could happen?!

A-blee, a-blee, a-blee–That’s all folks!!! A look at Paranormal Activity 3 “Through the eyes of a Luna(tic)’!!!

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D trailer

Like many Star Wars fans who grew up with the original trilogy (I was born in 1971, so I was the perfect age for the original Star Wars when it hit theaters in 1977), I wasn’t too fond of the first of the prequels, titled Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I’m also not a fan of the current incarnation of 3D technology. It’s really not all that much better than it was back in the 80s when filmmakers tried to cash in on the 3D craze back then. Those two facts aside, I’m looking forward to see The Phantom Menace in 3D, after all, it’s a Star Wars film back on the big screen once again. I haven’t ever missed one Star Wars release in theaters. I saw the first three films on the day of their release(s) in ’77, ’80 & ’83. I saw the re-releases that followed here and there. I saw the special editions of the 3 OT films on opening day AND I saw all three prequels on opening day as well. I even made sure not to miss the animated The Clone Wars when it hit theaters in 2008. Hell, I’ve seen them all multiple times on the big screen, so there’s no way I’m letting this one go without carrying on the tradition that my Mom and I began back when I was just 6 years old in 1977.

I know the Lucas haters have done their best to tear down the man whose vision changed the lives of many of us, but I am not one of those haters. Sure, I wish some of his changes hadn’t been made, but have said changes hurt anything? Really? No. Of course they haven’t hurt anything. There will always been the original versions of each of the films for those purists who hate George’s updates and alterations. Unless he went back in a time machine and changed the films before their initial releases, there’s no way he “hurt”, damaged nor ruined anything. If you don’t like the changes, stick with the original theatrical releases. They’re available on DVD for under $30 for all three of the OT.

The trailer for the 3D release of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace was been released a few months ago but somehow I missed it.

Anthony G. Sumner’s short film “Jitters”

Anthony G. Sumner’s short film “Jitters” will leave you cringing…and wanting more

Imagine this: as you rest your head on your pillow, your new fiance by your side, you have that incredible feeling inside that, well, everything in the universe is exactly as it should be. After all, she’s a gorgeous woman and she has agreed to spend the rest of her life with you. Hell, she hasn’t just agreed to it, she longs for a life with you as much as you do with her. It’s about as “storybook” as anything in life can ever actually get.

You drift off to sleep with that content feelings swelling inside. Things are great. Or they were before you just woke up to find your future bride sitting in front of you, dressed in her finest BDSM leather, as you discover that you are gagged with your arms and hands bounded above your head. Remember that “all is well” feeling you had just before falling asleep? It’s now become a “Holy shit! What the f#$k is going on here?” feeling. Too bad too. She seemed so sweet and was a real stunning beauty. But if that’s the case, why the hell are you now hanging here with your hands shackled and your mouth gagged?

That’s how things begin in Anthony G. Sumner’s short film Jitters but it’s definitely not where they leave off.

Jitters was directed by Sumner, the mind behind the short film Lewis and the anthology film 3 Slicers Of Life. Jitters is only just over 12 minutes long, yet is very suspenseful and when all’s said and done, it doesn’t end up where you may think it’s going. It’s a clever, well acted and superbly shot short that every genre fan, and those men and women who are about to say their vows, should see.

The film stars Keith Ehrenberg as Tom, the future groom, and Laurie Rameriz, who is simply amazing, as Suzie, the bride-to-be. Rameriz is as seductive as she is psychotic in the role.

You’ll cringe at many of the scenes, especially if you’re a guy, but in the end, you’ll be left wanting more.

The film was written by Eric Richter (based on a story by Sumner), who also, along with Sumner, edited and produced Jitters.

New poster art for Potent Media’s Deer Crossing

Possibly the most anticipated upcoming indie genre film, Potent Media’s Deer Crossing continues to build suspense with the reveal of 2 new posters, as the premiere for the film draws near.

You can check both posters out below:
The posters were created by David Gechman.

As is the case with the trailer (Which you can check out at the bottom of this page), the posters don’t give away much about the film, which is a brilliant move on the part of filmmaker Christian Jude Grillo. The less people know, the more excited to see the movie they’ll be. Hook them without giving them all the info will ensure a large audience.

Deer Crossing stars KJ Linhein, Christopher Mann, Jennifer Butler, Carmella Hayslett, Laura Lynn Cottrel, Christopher Inlow, Ernie Hudson and Doug Bradley and is set to debut in Philly in January, and will premiere in Los Angeles soon thereafter.