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Beware of Second Degree Sunburns

First degree and second degree sunburns can occur when you are exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This usually happens if you don’t apply any sunscreen to your body or you might not have put enough on. It’s always a good idea to try and prevent sunburns before they even happen as that is the

Prevent Sun Poisoning

Sun Poisoning, or photodermatitis, is the epidermis’ reaction to the UV rays put off by the sun. It is caused by over exposure to the sun however certain topical medications, vitamin deficiencies or other conditions may aggravate it further. Symptoms include red itchy rash, small blisters, pealing and occasionally nausea. The presence of the disorder

Tips on how to construct a Crohn’s diet chart

There is no standard, fixed diet for all crohn’s patients. To make a diet chart each individual patient has to go through trial and error method and find out which food does not cause any irritation in their GI (gastrointestinal) tract and which food initiates symptoms like bowel cramp, gas production and diarrhea or increases

How To Use A Vibrator

Every woman is different; therefore each and every woman wants different ways in terms of how to get pleasured or how to finger yourself. There really is no standard or “right” way to get an orgasm using a vibrator. You may have the best vibrator out there but you would still need to work with

Ingrown Hairs – Get More Details!

There is always a need for you to about the ingrown hairs. Well, the hairs can occur for just anyone. However, these hairs are mostly seen with the people having curly hair pattern and due to this reason sometime the hairs on their body use to develop side wise. This can cause ingrown hairs. Well,

Natural cure for bacteria vaginosis

Welcome! I guess you’re searching for the best home remedies for thrush or commonly referred to as Bacterial Vaginosis ? Do not be alarmed it is a common occurrence for most women today. In this article you’ll discover the most effective treatment to permanently eradicate those nasty odors that includes, home remedies for thrush, home remedies for

Sport Foot Blisters Can be Excruciating

Foot blisters are balloon-like structures filled with fluid or liquid near the surface of the skin of feet. These are caused by heat, sweat or friction. Usually, blisters on feet become more painful when they burst as a layer of tender skin is exposed. As a sportsman, you will face a lot of heat in

3 Reasons to Have Your Air Conditioner Cleaned and Tuned Up in Atlanta

Our central air conditioners get a workout here in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Like anything mechanical (cars, computers, lawn mowers), they need proper cleaning and maintenance to deliver the best performance and durability. Here are 3 reasons it is absolutely essential that you have your central air conditioning system – the outside condensing unit and

Guidelines to Treat MRSA Carrier

MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) is generally distinguished from other major bacteria by its strong resistance to withstand most of the powerful antibiotics including cephalosporins and penicillins. MRSA can influence people in many different ways, and quite a number of people carry this bacterium staph infection in the nose or even on the skin without

A Note on Rickets Disease and its Causes

Rickets is a type of childhood bone syndrome in which bones gets softened, and thereby become more prone to deformities and fractures. Even though rare in developed nations, the disease is still quite common in many developing countries. Let’s talk about the main causes and also symptoms of this disease in the following sections. What