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The Best Solution to Rid Yourself of Ingrown Hairs

Removing unwanted hair, for most men and women, is just a small part of the daily routine. Shaving, waxing and tweezing are all very popular temporary methods of hair removal utilized by millions of individuals worldwide. While these methods allow for quick, easy, convenient removal of unwanted hair, oftentimes they can lead to a number

Strep Throat Rash Remedies

Strep Throat belonging to a group of 46 species of bacteria, some of which are completely safe for humans, even part of the human flora. Other types of streptococci are very dangerous to humans and cause infections and diseases that are treated very hard. Strep throat is one of the most dangerous species, which are

Is your job making you gain weight?

What are your tips and tricks to stay healthy at work? The job doesn’t make you gain weight. Laziness does like lexapro. I work a job where I am at a desk all day. Being sedentary is very difficult for me and not in anyway ideal to one’s health. I try to remember to pack

Is There Any Point in Dieting in December?

How do you avoid temptation over the holidays? Usually during the holiday season (thanksgiving and christmas) i dont count calories like i normally do. I try to eat smaller portions and try make sure what i’m eating is somewhat healty. in the end i will probably have something rich and fattening or a thrid cookie,

What is Blue Waffles disease?

Nowadays the news of this disease is again spreading on internet. Most of the people are searching and uploading its pictures to put scary visions in the mind of the people whom are ready about it or want to know about it. They want to fright those people whom want to know about this disease.

Ask a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor: What Can I Do For Eczema?

In Second Spring, Dr. Maoshing Ni (or Dr. Mao) reveals hundreds of natural secrets to revitalize and regenerate at any age. He also discusses some natural treatments for those pesky skin ailments like eczema. Find out what he suggests Q: In your book, you prescribe sun therapy to treat skin conditions like eczema. Can you

Are Fad Diets Making Us Fat?

Most people would do almost anything to get slim — including major cleanses such as the “lemonade diet” or bizarre and unhealthy weight-loss plans like the cookie diet — but British health experts are warning that these fad diets won’t help us reach our weight-loss goals, and in fact, are probably making us fatter. Researchers

A Healthy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Who doesn’t love the comfort and warmth of home-baked cookies? This was probably one of the very first recipes I ever made many years ago — chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. However, I’ve changed it up a bit and made it kinder to the waistline, as well as your blood sugar. I have this old cook

5 Reasons Strength Training is Good For You

People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from resistance training. Strength training is placing a demand on our muscles to perform physical work that is greater than our everyday tasks. Here are my top 5 reasons to add strength training to your exercise regime. 1. Improved metabolism: Metabolism is the rate at which

Where To Go For CPR Training?

Where should you sit your CPR training? The answer to this question depends on why you want to learn cardiac pulmonary resuscitation. If you need certification for a job then you should look to take the classes offered by either the Red Cross or the American Heart Association. Both will require you to attend a