A Little Bit About Corrective Tattoos

There are a wide range of corrective tattooing methods available to the public. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most popular.

Concealing Body Art /Laser Tattoo Removal Discolorations

Artistic body tattoos, which may have been lightened by laser treatments {or by less professional means}, and may have left the skin white in some areas {with or without eliminating the original tattoo} can be treated by paramedical micropigmentation tattooing procedures that use flesh-tone pigments to correct/conceal discolorations and hide remains of unwanted body art. Bright tattoos can’t be easily concealed with light flesh-tone repigmentation, but in some cases those that have been lightened beforehand can be made to appear less obvious.

Reducing the Appearance of Fine Lines Around the Mouth

There’s another area of micropigmentation that’s not necessarily medical/paramedical, but is indeed corrective. Women who have small scars on the lip, fine lines around the mouth, asymmetrical lip / mouth shape, small or no cupid’s bow or have thin lips due to aging, can benefit by having a variety of corrective cosmetic lip tattoo procedures. There’s a lip tattoo procedure that creates an outline around the vermilion border, one to accentuate the cupid’s bow, one to define and give the illusion of fullness / plumpness, and most full lip tattoo procedures that also have a liner as a border will automatically reduce the appearance of fine lines for a more youthful look.