Have You Read Your Applescope?

Apples are so delicious, but there are so many varieties that I get confused trying to figure out which one I should be eating. I wish there were some way to know the type of apple I should be eating based on the esoteric details of my personality type.

At last – my prayers have been answered! The Ontario Apple Growers have come up with a helpful way to aid Ontarians in choosing what type of local apple they should be eating. Teaming up with an astrologer and a nutritionist, they’ve develop Applescopes – astrological readings that tell you what apple best suits your astrological sign.

Are you a Taurus? The Ontario Idared is the apple for you. A crabby Cancer? Ontario Jonagold should be your fruit of choice. Scorpio? Go for a Red Delicious.

Aside from matching apples to specific personality types, the applescopes actually give some solid nutritional advice while encouraging people to choose local fruit. They’re a fun mix of new age mysticism and down to earth advice on diet and nutrition. Take a few minutes to check the apple that matches your sun sign at the Applescope page.