Is There Any Point in Dieting in December?

How do you avoid temptation over the holidays?

Usually during the holiday season (thanksgiving and Christmas) i don’t count calories like i normally do. I try to eat smaller portions and try make sure what I’m eating is somewhat healthy. in the end i will probably have something rich and fattening or a third cookie, might as well enjoy it and not be depressed and frustrated. Come January 1st i don’t “diet” per say i start counting calories and my lacrosse season starts back up so I’m practicing about 6 days a week. Diets never work, moderation and healthy eating do. Don’t worry enjoy the holiday eating, i know i will!

These are things I do daily, all year. I bring snacks when I run errands, not only because I don’t eat the junk that is offered at fast “food” places, but because it’s cheaper and more convenient. (How convenient is fast “food” if I have to find a business, walk inside, or to the drive thru and wait in line to order, then wait for my food, when I have real food on the passenger seat in my car?)

Homemade, vegan soup is a staple in our house in winter. My husband will make large pots of it and freeze it and take out a frozen container (or two) to thaw in a warm pot on the stove. However, about once a week, or every other week, I’ll have a can of Progresso or Campbell’s (the few pure vegan varieties they have) for lunch. I have a five-week-old who likes to spend some days just eating, so I need something quick and easy to prepare when he’s not eating. (I also eat a lot of veggie burgers warmed on our electric grill and veggie deli “meat” slices as well.) My favorite is the Campbell’s Healthy Request Mexican soup. It’s filling and only 100 calories. Okay, I do worry about calories some, though I’m breastfeeding, but I also have my 12s to get back into again.

I also have no problems avoiding the cookies, because I normally don’t eat them. One of the staples at my husband’s aunt’s Christmas open house are my mother-in-law’s sugar cookies, complete with a thick layer of canned frosting (the stuff that comes in the plastic containers and made with loads of sugar, artificial colors and artificial flavors), and sugar sprinkles. I’ll be bringing my vegan banana bread (the two main ingredients are whole wheat flour and bananas), and I’m hoping my banana chocolate chip cookies. (Which are also vegan and made with all whole wheat flour. I only use all whole wheat flour in my baking.)

I don’t “diet” that just seems ridiculous to me. (I’m convinced that the junk “food” industry, the diet products industry and the government all work together to scam money from people. People over eat on the junk, so they go the diet route and they yo-yo in their weight and their efforts. I even see that with my husband. Yesterday, as he was dressing for work, he was excited that he could wear his “transition suit”. Yet, at the funeral lunch, he had two meat sandwiches on white bread and several desserts. Yeah. That didn’t help. In the past he’s lost a substantial amount of weight, gained it back, lost it… I’ve not said much, but I’m sick of hearing him complain and I want him to be able to really run around with our kids.)

Even when my son was only two weeks old, I was getting comments on how good I looked already. While I was not very active during my pregnancy, I still ate whole, real foods. Now the only pair of non-maternity pants I know I fit into are khakis that close just above the hips. Not only does that seem to be a flattering style, but I’ll wear them with a tucked in black Tshirt or golf shirt as well. (Fitted dark solids seem to be flattering.)