Strep Throat Rash Remedies

Strep Throat belonging to a group of 46 species of bacteria, some of which are completely safe for humans, even part of the human flora. Other types of streptococci are very dangerous to humans and cause infections and diseases that are treated very hard. Strep throat is one of the most dangerous species, which are actually called bacterial infections.

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There are several methods for home treatment of strep throat. Not many, however, how quickly treatment. You should know that streptococci differs from the normal sore throat and is not caused by cold or flu. With streptococcal disease is extremely contagious and is transmitted through droplet route. Firstly, if infected should take care not to transmit the disease to another family member or people from your environment. The easiest method to do this is to put a mask on his face when go out or socialize with anyone.

As previously mentioned, infection with strep throat is a bacterial infection, so you’ll need to take some foods that have anti-bacterial action. Foods such as garlic, lemon, chili, onion and chilies are rich in anti-bacterial substances. Use one or two in combination with vinegar as you mix them in a cup. Then dip cotton in open and smear it with your tonsils. It feels uncomfortable, but this will disinfect your tonsils. Drink lemon juice or lemonade (but not the store), aerated also helps fight against bacteria.

Foods should not accept when we are sick and have strep throat. Some use ice cream for home treatment, but this is a big mistake. Ice cream really does not help this type of infection. Hot tea is also not recommended, warm water provides for the accelerated development of bacteria in your throat. You can drink tea, but it is recommended that it be cooled to room temperature. Honey helps sore throat and deposits, but not streptococci.

If the above methods do not help you on your home treatment, you should consult with your personal physician. After making a medical examination will tell you exactly what is needed to cope with infection. It is important to know that your immune system fights infection and you can and help as you add vitamins to food. This way your immune system will be much more resistant to bacterial infections and if you can heal with natural resources in the future will be much more difficult to catch again.