Want Better Health, Limit Your Carbohydrate Intake

Everybody wants better health and to feel better but most people don’t know how to get it. The fact is, if you want to be healthier the first thing you need to look at is what you are eating. If you are putting poison in your system then you can’t expect to feel very good, can you?

One of the ways that I really turned my life around was by eating healthy no carb recipes. Once I got control of the sugar and simple carbs that my old diet consisted of I felt a whole lot better. More and more research is backing up the fact that people are eating way too many simple carbs with our modern diet.

Two added benefits are that I no longer crave sugary products and my back pain as been dramatically reduced. It used to be that I couldn’t walk past the candy machine at work without some unseen force making me take a dollar out of my wallet and stick it in the machine. Even if my brain said it didn’t want sweets, my body did the dirty work anyway. Now that I don’t eat refined sugar or processed foods I no longer have that problem. I don’t crave anything.

But the big health improvement has been my back. I have suffered from back pain for years. I really didn’t notice it going away as I ate better but I sure noticed when it came returned. We had a birthday party for my wife and daughter and I ate a lot of cake and ice cream. The next day I couldn’t hardly get out of bed it hurt so bad. Within a day of eating well again I was back to normal. I became a believer in the health effects that can be gained from eating less carbs.